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WinterOver 2015-16 !!!

It's that time of year again! Ducks are migrating into their wintering grounds here in Southern California from the colder regions up north. The primary motivation behind this move is the lack of food available as winter grows near and takes hold. I offer a WARM welcome to all ducks, geese and other migratory birds!

I've always been a "landscape guy" and have only been photographing ducks and birds for a few years. The inclusion of bird photography into my photography repertoire came as I struggled to find inspirational subject matter local to where I live in Southern California which would allow me to fulfill my internal need to continue creating meaningful nature photographs on a more frequent basis.

I now find myself strongly attracted to the ducks and look forwarded to each and every opportunity to photograph them.

It's more than just creating photographs! It's about spending time with these beautiful creatures. Yes they are beautiful and a challenge to photograph, but they are also each unique and just so darn interesting to watch and be around. If you ever find yourself having a bad day - stop everything you are doing and go to your nearest duck pond. Find a nice place to sit (be careful) and give it fifteen minutes. At the end of fifteen minutes I bet you will find yourself relaxed and will have smiled or laughed several times. DUCK THERAPY (It works)!!

Most of these images were created at my favorite duck pond (in Irvine Regional Park). It is interesting to note that different bodies of water attract different species of ducks and other birds. This is an American Wigeon and it seemed to be enjoying its paddle around the lake while adding variety to my collection of duck photographs. Wood Ducks are here, but have been too cautious and shy to come within acceptable photographic range so far this year. I'm a patient man :) I have also seen the more exotic Mandarin Duck here as well, but none as of yet this year (more patience.... :)

There is so much more to experience than the beautiful and enjoyable ducks when you visit YOUR favorite duck pond. Make some time - head out and see what you can find. Trust me you will be glad you did.

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