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Happy 2016!

My first photo shoot of 2016 begins from where I ended 2015 - with the ducks. As the holiday season of 2015 comes to an end and before I once again rejoin the rat-race tomorrow I decided to take my own advise and treat myself to some Duck Therapy.

The ducks were fairly lethargic, standoffish and on edge today. I think they could sense the approaching weather systems and were stockpiling their energy in preparation. But, as I witnessed again today the duck world has its own set of rules and mysterious happenstance. For the most part the ducks were keeping their distance while slowly crusing about or enjoying some quality nap time. All of a sudden, with no obvious outside influence this guy just sprung to life and got all animated in a very silly way. He went from the compact lazy float posture to this rarely seen in-your-face super duck pose. Extending his neck with full on eye contact while chatting up a storm! Very humorous!! Grateful that I was there to witness the show and also grateful that my laughing did not shake my camera no much.

Wishing you all the best in 2016. Please stop by often and don't be shy - leave a comment and let me know what you think about my images and website.


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