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"No Photography Allowed"

OMG! Today was a rather frustrating, challenging and entertaining day as it relates to my photography adventures.

First, let me set the scene. I live in southern California in the "Good Ole USA". "LAND OF THE FREE - THANKS TO THE BRAVE" is what it says on the t-shirt that I am currently wearing. But, today felt - not so free. Actually it felt a little on the creepy side. This morning I decided to head out and photograph some of the beautiful architecture found here in The O.C. then treat myself to a nice lunch and a cold beer.

While walking and photographing in the upscale downtown area of Costa Mesa, California near the Segerstrom Performing Arts Center I was stopped not once, not twice, but three different times by three different security guards (each wearing a different uniform) and was told that no photography was allowed in this area. I have to admit all three of these guys were polite, non-combative and obviously did not want to even be having this conversation. I knew that they were just doing what some other bozo "their boss" told them to do. Probably for reasons that they don't even know. I asked each of them why and they all repeated various versions of "we have no idea why, but those are the rules we have been told to enforce."

I'll tell ya, my heart kind of went out to these guys and besides that I was just trying to enjoy a very beautiful Sunday morning and create some photographs and really was not in the frame of mind to take this to the next level. I had other ideas :)

I decided to turn it into a game and see how many more images I could create before I got busted again. The good news is, I never ran into another security guard the rest of the time I was there. Below are a few more of the images I created today while standing in the complete open, on public sidewalks, minding my own business, inconveniencing no one in the middle of a public place in southern California.

Frickin Lighten Up Bozo!!!

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