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Fall Colors - Unexpected Gifts

My first post of the 2016 eastern Sierra Fall Color Season.

I kick this year off with a fun story from the third day of my trip.

No B.S.!!

I left my vehicle in a small pullout about 30 minutes ago. I was now bushwhacking between aspen groves when I noticed this stand of aspens (the deer was not there). I liked how the tree trunks stood out and contrasted nicely with the mix of yellow and still green leaves, so I decided to see if I could work out a pleasing composition.

I shortened my tripod legs to get the angle I wanted (I wanted to be looking slightly uphill with the bushes in the foreground and no sky visible at all). So there I was - hunched over my tripod mounted camera looking through my viewfinder putting the finishing touches on the composition when this deer walked right into my frame! I had no idea that deer were nearby - they just simply appeared out of nowhere!

I have to admit my brain misfired several times as I continued looking through my viewfinder, blinking repeatedly trying to make sense of what I was seeing. Where did the deer come from? - doe not buck - a deer? - there's a deer standing right in front of the aspen trees! - there's a frickin deer - WTF!

Instinctively, without looking up and moving as little as possible I fired off a couple of "proof shoots". I'm sure she heard my camera, but she stood still - looking straight at me. Probably trying to make sense of the odd sound and decipher what kind of creature has 5 legs and if this newly discovered 5-legged intruder was an immediate threat or maybe better yet - some sort of tasty treat. I tweaked my focus and took a couple more shots. That's when her yearling peeked through the bushes (zoom in and look to the right of mama.) I fired off a couple more quick frames. Ten seconds later they both trotted back into the trees probably a little smarter - I just stood there thankful for such an unexpected gift.

What a thrill!!

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