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Truly Blessed

November 7, 2016 - Yosemite

It was a clear and brisk morning. Driving with my window down, savoring the sweet smell of pine, invigorated by the cold breath of the morning. Vivaldi's Four Seasons quietly playing in the background, sipping hot coffee and smiling ear to ear because I was once again in Yosemite.

Slowly wiggling my way up Highway 41 from the parks southern entrance stopping often to enjoy the morning light work its magic within the surrounding forest. No rush, no agenda, no traffic - peaceful.

Somewhere near and just south of Wawona I rounded a bend in the road and was completely surprised to find this dreamy fog filled meadow. Luckily, there was ample shoulder to park safely off the road and I immediately took full advantage. I sat and enjoyed the scene from inside my vehicle for a couple of minutes before I realized it might be a good idea to try and make a photograph. I mean, that's why I just drove six and a half hours - da!

Frost crunched under my boots as I walked along the edge of the meadow trying to work out a pleasing composition. My ears, cheeks, nose and hands all began to complain about the cold morning air. I pulled my dark blue wool beanie down over my ears and exhaled another burst of steamy breath.

The combination of the damp cool air and the ever changing layers of the silently drifting fog stimulated all of my senses. I felt so alive. Like I was being enveloped by all of nature. Being here, and being here alone, had become a very profound, peaceful and stimulating experience. On this morning I learned what it feels like to be truly blessed.

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