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Convict Lake - Building Storm

Convict Lake - Building Storm. September 28, 2016

I knew it was early in the fall season for good color at Convict Lake, but you just never know, so I jumped off of HWY 395 and made the short drive to the lake just to be sure. Just as expected, there was not much going on AROUND the lake. Almost all of the aspens in the vicinity were still very green. BUT, there was a ton of action developing ABOVE the lake.

Clouds were building and the sky was growing darker by the minute. There were a few people scattered about, but not many. I parked and lugged my camera pack to what is probably the most popular spot to photograph this lake. A very light spitting rain began to fall shortly after I was set up. I covered my camera with its Storm Shield and myself with my rain jacket. I could hear faint rumbles of thunder echoing off of the mountains and from the distant backcountry canyons. I waited nearly twenty minutes and finally the wind backed off and revealed a bit of calmer water which in turn produced some pretty reflections. Shortly after making this photograph a heavy wind blew in from the opposite side of the lake and shortly after that a cold moderate rain began to fall. Happy that I made the stop, I packed up and moved on.

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