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Creekside Details

Morning stroll about one hundred yards from where I was camped.

I first noticed the pretty water spilling over the partially submerged rock. I liked the pattern and the way the light reflected in all the little fingers of water and the fact that I could clearly distinguish details of the rock below the water's surface.

I sat down on the damp grass within reaching distance of the placidly flowing creek with my camera in hand. Looking through the viewfinder I studied the scene before me looking for potential compositions.

I noticed the young pine tree when I walked up to this spot. In fact, there were several young pines that have taken up root along the creek all within 20 feet of each other (I wonder if they are all descendants from the same parent tree?) Now, from my sitting position I saw the possibility of this photograph.

Working from my knees and camera back on the tripod I zoomed in fairly tight, I raised the center column of my tripod to get a bit of a downward angle in order to eliminate some "undesirables." I added a polarizer filter to cut a bit of the glare off of the water and 6-stop ND filter in order to lengthen the exposure time.

Looking for and finding little details like this and turning them into beautiful photographs is probably the aspect of photography I enjoy the most. Yes, the larger landscapes are fun and enjoyable, but I find identifying and making captivating photographs of something that most people would pass by without a second thought very rewarding. This photograph is about relationships. The young tree, the rock and the flowing water. Each one plays a role in the environment and together they help maintain the stability of the immediate area which in turn impacts the adjoining areas both upstream and down. When it is all said and done, it is the intimacy of this photograph that really begs for my attention.

I hope you like it as well.


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