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Morning Light - Zabriskie Point

I made this photograph in November of 2014 and remember this day as if it were yesterday.

A cool and breezy November morning in Death Valley National Park. I woke several times throughout the night as gusty winds shook my tent. I finally gave in and rolled out of my warm and cozy sleeping bag at 445AM. By headlamp I started a pot of coffee, then took care of a few camp chores. I ate a large bowl of oatmeal with fresh blueberries, topped off my thermos with the remaining coffee, loaded my camera gear in my vehicle then made the short drive out to Zabriskie Point.

I have photographed here on multiple occasions, therefore I had gained at least a few hints of what was where and what I hoped would soon be there. My intention for this morning was to start by photographing the sun just as it crested the eastern mountains hoping to get some interesting color in the sky along with a good sunburst. The conditions weren't perfect, but they were workable. So I framed up a desirable composition and waited.

After making a few photographs of the rising sun I turned around and noticed the first few hints of beautiful warm sunlight beginning to illuminate the geologic formations below my vantage point. I repositioned my tripod, worked out a new composition and waited for the light to get just right.

There is so much about this photograph that I like. First of all the light. This photograph [is] all about the light. But I also like the colors, patterns, textures, shadows and geology.

I hope you enjoy too.

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