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Eastern Sierra Fall Colors 2017 - Trip Summary

I'm home after 5 fantastic days in the Eastern Sierra. The colors were spectacular! The weather was pleasant (almost to pleasant for my liking), but that is something I cannot control.

Rule #1: Make the most of what you got.

This is the very first photograph of my journey. Taken at 631AM in the Alabama Hills. Lone Pine Peak is the dominate peak in the background and Mt. Whitney (the highest point in the continental United States - 14,505') is near the right edge.

Here is how I spent my time (The life of a landscape and nature photographer):

Sunday: Home Alarm Off at 1245AM On the Road at 133AM First Photograph Made at 631AM (Alabama Hills) -see above Encounter with Black Bear (more on this in a future post) Last Photograph Made at 834PM

Monday: Alarm Off at 430AM Sunrise/First Light Shoot at the Twin Lake Overlook Photographed my way north (June Lake Loop, Lee Vining Canyon) Milky Way Shoot Last Photograph 817PM

Tuesday: Alarm Off at 430AM Sunrise/First Light Shoot at Convict Lake Photographed at McGee Creek, Benton Crossing, Hot Creek and Mammoth Lakes vicinity No Milky Way Shoot (clouds and very high winds)

Wednesday: Alarm Off at 4AM Sunrise/First Light Shoot at North Lake (Bishop Creek Canyon) Photographed in Bishop Canyon and Rock Creek Canyon Sunset Shoot at Twin Lakes

Thursday: Alarm Off at 445AM Sunrise/First Light Shoot at Lake Mamie Spent my entire day along the June Lake Loop Milky Way Shoot Last photograph made at 847PM

Friday: Alarm Off at 430AM On the road home at 515AM Arrived Home at 11AM

Some Fun Facts From My Trip:

- Total Number of Photographs taken: 1322 - Total Miles Driven: 1008 - Highest Elevation: 10,100' - Miles Hiked: ~12 miles - Lowest Temperature: 17 degrees F - Highest Temperature: 61 degrees F

- I Drank 18 Beers, 7 Bourbons, 5 Gatorade's and tons of water - I Smoked 2 Cigars (Drew Estate Acid Kuba Kuba Maduro)

What a great trip! The exercise, fresh air and creative release has done me well. I will begin sharing new photographs here and on my Flickr photo-stream (most posts will land on Flickr.)


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