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Yosemite Valley - Golden Hour Reflections

I was working my way back to where I had parked along the southeast side of the Merced River. The shadows were deep and long. The sun was low and about to retire below the western reaches of the Valley floor. The air was damp and held hints of morning frost.

It had been another long day out searching for and creating photographs in Yosemite Valley and once again I had lost track of time and found myself a good mile from where I was parked and was rapidly running out of daylight. Standing on the opposite side of the river directly in line with El Capitan's Nose I was treated to this most wonderful display of light, shadow and reflections. Mesmerized by the absolute beauty before me, I put all thoughts of getting back to my vehicle before darkness in the back of my mind while quickly getting out from under my camera backpack, setting up and doing my best to photograph this most amazing light.

I worked the scene until all the brilliant light faded to faint dullness on its way to inky black featureless shadows of the night. The forest was now 100% encased in shadow. My cheeks and nose were getting cold. Darkness would arrive soon. I broke down my gear. Switched from boonie to beanie and placed my headlamp into position on top of my head. I worked my way up to the road, turned my headlamp on and made good time back to my vehicle, arriving just before total darkness. Smiling from ear to ear.

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