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Yosemite - A Walk In The Woods

I don't know exactly where I made this photograph. I do know I was in Yosemite Valley and if my memory is correct, I am fairly certain this location is on the south side of the Valley.

It was a crisp and beautiful November day. I started my day off photographing "first light" on a cloudless morning at one of the more iconic spots in the Valley. The sky did not cooperate and provide a dramatic sunrise, but it was enjoyable just to be up and out before the birds woke. Later in the morning I worked the reflections along the Merced which entertained me well into the afternoon.

I usually spend the hours around the middle of the day doing camp chores, eating, reading, lounging or scouting. This day was so pleasant and I was fortunate enough to find one interesting subject after another. Some were simple and obvious compositions, others required more intense considerations and some, I never figured out and walked away without releasing my shutter.

It was now approaching 4PM and once again I realized that another day making photographs in Yosemite had flown by. Sunset was less than an hour away and I was a long hike from where I left my vehicle.

I was standing a couple of paces to the left of where I made the photograph above. I liked what was going on here. It felt simple, yet complex. I liked all the colors, light and textures at play. To put the finishing touches on my desired composition, I re-positioned my tripod a little to the right and a few steps farther back from the large lichen and moss covered foreground rock. I made a few exposures and then began to work my way back to my vehicle as another day wandering Yosemite Valley was quickly drawing to a close.

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