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Lake Sabrina - My Kind of Day

Lake Sabrina

This was my third visit to this lake on my 2018 Fall Colors Photoshoot. On my first visit the wind was so strong I could barely stand without being blown backwards and I only had about 20 feet of backwards to work with before a good fifty foot fall came into play. Oh yea, it was also butt cold!

On my second visit I was greeted by a major case of zero visibility. I never exited my vehicle. I just sat there staring at a wall of drifting light-gray clouds. No lake. No dramatic mountain landscape. No autumn colors. Nothing.

The third time WAS the charm! Cold enough to bundle up. Warm enough that my hands worked properly. The unsettled weather added an intoxicating kind of tension. Dramatic clouds mingled with the majestic towering mountains peaks. Just enough of a breeze to add a bit of texture to the lake and remind me who was in charge. Fresh new snow on the highest peaks and wonderful fall colors perfectly placed.

My kind of day!

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