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A Day at the Duck Pond

Curious Investigator

Back at the duck pond today!

Typical start to my shoot. The ducks see me slowly approaching. When I cross their secret boundary of comfort the warning quacks are sounded. All the ducks swim to safety on the far side of the pond. A few take flight and leave the area.

I picked a spot and settled in. Moving as little as possible, I ignore the ducks and study the water and light. I’m looking for patches of clean debris free water with pretty light and colorful reflections. It is in these areas I will want to make my photographs.

I’m sitting in a sunny spot near an aging sycamore tree. The tree is tall, thick-trunked and barren. It sits just a few feet from the edge of the pond and now that it is up there in years it has begun to lean slightly to the left from my perspective.

After a few minutes of cautious observations from afar the ducks began to accept my presence. They probably concluded that I had no ill intensions and that I was not a rule breaker and had no food to share. Shortly thereafter their swimming posture seemed more relaxed and some (like my friend here) swam a little closer in order to investigate.

The sun felt sooooo good! The park was nearly empty. The duck population outnumbered the people population, probably 2 to 1.

Looks like my duck friend and I both had the same idea to get out and enjoy this warm winter day here in SoCal. More proof that great minds do think alike 😊

Below is a more animated display of him celebrating the warmth of the sun on this fine winter day.


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