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Colorful Mural and Man Walking Dog Reflected In Office Windows

I spent a few hours over the past couple of days doing some daytime street photography in downtown Santa Ana, California. These were my first excursions into this area since the pandemic began.

I was surprised by how many shops, businesses and restaurants that were boarded up, emptied and or out of business. Heart breaking. I was also surprised by how few people were out and about. Maybe that's a good sign.

One of the techniques I practice for street photography is to find an interesting backdrop and then wait for people to wander into my chosen scene. Here, I positioned myself across the street from this colorful reflection in the first floor office windows. Before covid I would never have to wait too very long before I got some action especially in this section of downtown. But, today I waited over 10 minutes for this scene to develop. The cool thing is, this is nothing like what I was expecting. I was expecting someone to walk directly in front of the windows, not actually being part of the reflection itself! That's part of the fun of street. You never know what's going to happen!!

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