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Knowledge and Luck

I made this photograph of an Egyptian Goose on her nest earlier this year in early spring. Two key factors came together in order for me to execute this. Knowledge and Luck.

The knowledge part is the fact that I spend a lot of time here and knew that the geese start breeding around this time of year. I also knew of this nest location from past sightings. The nest is approximately 15 feet above the ground in a hollowed-out tree that sits surrounded by the most wonderful ancient oak trees. I set up about 100 feet away and spent about 30 minutes here watching her while pretending like I wasn't.

Then the luck part happened. It was a partially cloudy day. A thin layer of clouds diffused the early afternoons sunlight. The rotation of the earth put the sun in perfect position to illuminate the gooses face for a few precious seconds.

Click! Click! Click!

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