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Flowing Creek, Autumn Light

I love searching for and making photographs like these!!

On this day I set an early alarm so that I could get up into this drainage before harsh sunlight flooded its canyon. This is a favorite place of mine and from mid-autumn on I very rarely see another person back here. I usually plan an extended coffee break or even a lunch somewhere along this creek. It's just so peaceful back here. I call it my "Zen Spot."

But, when the light is this good, my coffee and food take a back seat for sure. In this case, the light was very much to my liking - somewhat soft and evenly distributed with no washed out hot spots or annoying featureless dark spots that would ruin a photograph. The payback for the inconvenience of a early alarm. I used a bit of a long exposure to get that silky water look. The splashes of yellow are caused by aspen trees reflecting on the surface of the water.

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