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I was exploring the streets of downtown Santa Ana, California. I am very familiar with this part of town and when I rounded the corner and saw this building I immediately stopped in my tracks trying to make sense of what I was seeing. I was totally caught off guard by the seriously off the wall colorful paint job on this building. This wasn't there the last time I passed through the area . I was studying the newly painted structure as I made my approach. I thought the designer was going for a new-fashioned meets tie-died look and I loved it. I also knew I had to photograph it!

Once I was aligned directly across the street, I was disappointed to see this worker mingling near the entrance. I worked out my desired composition and exposure while I waited for him to pick up his tools and get out of "my photograph." A few moments later he was standing on a chair working on the door frame! That's when I realized that I needed him in the frame. "He" as it turns out is the most important component of "my photograph.

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