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Northern Shovelers In Flight

It was an enjoyable morning at the San Joaquin Wildlife Refuge in Irvine California. The sun felt wonderful, and I was grateful to be out spending some time with all the local birds and other critters found here.

The birds seemed to be enjoying their day as much as I was enjoying mine. There was actually a lot going on out in front of me. Feeding, bathing, swimming, socializing, sleeping and probably a host of other things I did not notice or understand. Every once in a while, with no warning (that I have ever been able to perceive) a small group of birds would explode into flight in tandem.

These guys are so fast, and their flight patterns are erratic at best which makes photographing them somewhat challenging to say the least. That's especially true when there is more than one bird in the frame. But that's the whole point of it. Having fun while enjoying the company of these amazing creatures and every once in a while, getting rewarded with a nicely executed photograph that will remind me of the fun and inspire me to head back out and try and make more.

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