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Rainy Autumn Day

On this last day of autumn 2020 I decided to share this "autumn" themed photograph. Not just because of the theme, but because I made this photograph on the same incredible day that I wrote about yesterday. Both locations are no more than 3 miles apart. I spent a few hours in this general area. The weather was fun. A mix of light rain and occasional snow. Not enough snow to stick at this elevation, but a little higher up the mountain I could see it starting to accumulate.

To be honest, the cloud deck kept dropping down to my elevation and washing everything out. So I was actually doing more waiting and coffee drinking than photographing. But when the clouds parted or lifted I got busy. Eventually my patience paid off. The clouds lifted and thinned aloft which created a beautiful backlight on these trees. Once again my trusty "patience filter" saved the day! Every photographer should have a patience filter in their bag!!

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