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Reaching Upward

Lately I have been working on finding urban photographic opportunities that fall into a category some call the "minimalist style of street photography." Street images can be very busy, cluttered and complicated. The minimalist style is much cleaner and simpler. It's fun to seek out the opportunities and if the shot is well executed they can prove to be very interesting and rewarding.

In this example, I first noticed the lines and patterns. After looking at it for a few seconds I came to the conclusion that what I really liked was the simple geometry. I also think including the sky was the right call as well. I think the pale blue sky and soft cirrus clouds complement the geometry nicely while adding a little more depth and interest.

What do you think?

2 Sides

This is another example of the "minimalist style" of street photography.

Clean and simple yet interesting to look at.

This is actually a 10-story office tower that was built back in the 1960's (it now sits abandoned as it gets converted into apartments.) Hopefully there will be more happy days ahead.

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