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Sapling, Waters Edge

Spring Photoshoot Eastern Sierra. Camped on Rock Creek in Californias' eastern Sierra.

While waiting for the coffee to perk I took my camera for a walk along Rock Creek on what was a rather pleasant morning. I have to admit, I had an interesting conversation with myself when I first spotted this sapling. First of all, you have to know that I have been camping along this creek for well over thirty years. For the majority of the time my tent has been set up within 100 yards of where it currently sat on this morning (my favorite spot.) So, as you can imagine I have spent countless hours walking along (and sometimes in) the creek. Or, simply sitting in a comfortable spot savoring all that this priceless section of wilderness has to offer (it's a lot by the way.)

Back to my internal conversation. Stopped in my tracks. Staring at this wonderful young tree.

Wondering why I had not noticed it before. Or, had I? Had I photographed it before. I concluded, no. How many times have I walked past it without recognition of its existence? And why was I so transfixed by its discovery now?

Looking closer, I found it to be a rather handsome little tree. I even liked its silly looking pose. But mostly I think it was the light of this morning. The faint backlighting of the needles drew my attention and provided a pleasing separation between the sapling and the gentle flowing creek.

With my camera on my tripod I framed up this shot of this handsome little sapling that was acting a little silly in the early morning light along one of my favorite sections of Rock Creek.

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