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Simplicity Noticed

Heading north on California’s Highway 395 in the eastern Sierra just past the southern turnoff to the June Lake Loop there is a section of landscape that always draws my attention. I have stopped many times, allowing my mind and eyes the freedom to investigate this unusual attraction. I rarely make photographs here. This stop usually manifests into an opportunity to simply stretch my legs, make room for more coffee and the opportunity to refill my mug.

Subconsciously, I know there are many photographs to be discovered and created here. But I rarely can decipher the clues.

On this recent stop something was different. Maybe it was the soft diffused light. Maybe it was the sensual perfume of the approaching rain. Maybe it was just the overall relaxing feeling of this moment in time. Or maybe it was a combination of the previous and or other influencers that lingered unnoticed. Leaning back against the driver’s side door sipping strong black coffee I once again found myself studying the complexity of this familiar landscape. Then without warning, I discovered this rather simplistic composition. It had been there all along. Many years. Countless stops. Waiting to be discovered.

Ceremoniously I set up my tripod and carefully attached my camera. It took a few attempts to work out my desired composition and exposure. I made this photograph as a light refreshing rain began to fall.

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