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Spring Flow, Merced River, Yosemite Valley

I just realized that something good has resulted from this pandemic (at least for me anyway.) With all the travel restrictions, lockdowns and yes, a little fear of interacting (too closely) with other members of our species, or simply accidentally coming in contact with an unsuspecting resting spot for the virus I have been pretty much house-bound for what is rapidly approaching one year now and I am seriously thinking about asking for a do-over! Crazy!!

The "something good " behind all of this is that I have been spending a lot of time in my digital darkroom as well as doing other photography related tasks that do not require looking through a viewfinder.

Reflecting on those facts, I have found that the investment of this time to be rewarding, educational and terrifying.

Rewarding, because I have been able to revisit a lot of photographs that I had set aside to be processed at a "later time." I have finished several now and I like some of the results very much. I can't wait to share them.

Educational, because there is always something new to learn by studying my work and more importantly the work of others who choose to use photography as a way to express our views (or ourselves.)

Terrifying, because (more often than I like to admit) I look at one of my creations and painfully ask myself "what in the hell was I thinking?" Or, "what was I trying to say with this P.O.S.?" Yikes!! Then the panic sets in - did I share this with others!

Today was the "later time" for this photograph.

I made this photograph in Yosemite Valley in another area that I had not visited before along the north side of the river. I had been on the move since 430AM chasing a fast moving storm and the constantly changing atmosphere and light. It was now 3PM and I was sitting in a nice sunny spot trying to cut the chill that the backside of the storm had in tow. It felt good to slow down a bit , the warmth of the sun felt marvelous and the flowing river was hypnotic. This is my attempt of capturing the mood and the moment.

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