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The Gold Never Lasts

This is one of the last autumn photographs of the year (but I do maintain my right to change my mind.)

I was initially drawn to the three distinct layers of flora that comprise this scene. In my experience, nature is usually not this organized, so the unanticipated orderly arrangement probably had a subconscious impact on my attraction as well.

I always find it simultaneously fascinating and puzzling how two stands of aspens separated by less than the length of three 4-Runners parked end-to-end-to-end be in such drastically different stages of autumn. In this case, the front stand of trees is completely void of leaves, while the stand on the hillside in the background are still fully leafed-out and displaying anywhere from mid-season to peak color. Mind-boggling to say the least.

Every autumn while I’m out visiting, studying and photographing the progression of the autumn color change, there always comes a time when I think to myself “I wish that I had more time to spend with the trees.” That’s when the truth of the matter is once again realized – The Gold Never Lasts!

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