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My Favorite Photographs of 2015

Below is a small sample of some of my favorite images from 2015. I have also created a slideshow which I have posted on my YouTube Channel which you can find HERE.

Yosemite National Park - Reflections

I just love this image! I came upon this scene completely by accident while wandering along the Merced River in a section of Yosemite Valley that I had not previously explored. This image was created on a crisp early November morning. The more placid flows of fall provided some very detailed reflections.

Atascadero Administration Building

Exploring Central California.

I spotted this building while driving around town getting my bearing. I knew that this would be a awesome place for a night shot (I would be back) :)

They call this building the "Atascadero Administration Building." Construction was finished in 1918. It suffered major damage from the San Simeon Earthquake on December 22, 2003 and did not reopen until August 20, 2013.

Kind of a funny story here. I got up at 430AM made coffee, then drove the 5 minutes from my hotel to this location only to find that the fountain was not running! I guess it turns off at night to save money. I never anticipated that possibility.

Later that evening - I arrived early (the fountain was running!). I set up and waited for the blue hour to take hold. I had to do a lot of waiting in order to get "people-free" shots. But as nightfall fell that became much easier. I made several images here from full daylight to night. I like this image a lot.

Great Egret Flyover

I really enjoy the challenge of photographing birds, especially birds in flight. This image was made just after sunrise at the Bolsa Chica Wetlands in Huntington Beach, California. The larger birds like this Great Egret can be so elegant in flight.

We're NOT In Control

The ocean was angry and exploding into the rocky shoreline giving hints and warnings of the approaching storm.

Therapeutic Waters

To read the story behind this image click HERE.

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