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Monday morning. Gray skies. Heavy drizzle. This is the most dangerous place that I have photographed in quite a while. Wet, slippery, uneven, sharp jagged rocks that would cut the shit out of me if I slipped and fell. On top of that, the tide was rising, and the ocean had a bit of an attitude this morning. Waves were exploding into rocks out in front of me, sometimes very violently.

I had already made a few photographs and felt I had a couple of keepers, but to be honest, I did not feel very comfortable at this location in these conditions, and the conditions were only going to get worse as the tide rose, so I decided to get the hell off these dangerous rocks and go shoot someplace a little more forgiving. This is my favorite shot of the morning.

Camera Settings:

F16, 1/6 SEC, ISO 100, Focal Length 20mm

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