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Lines, Curves and Edges

I wanted to take the train south to San Diego, but because of all the rain that we have received over this past winter the ground is now super saturated and has become unstable again along a certain section of train tracks in San Clemente. This has unfortunately resulted in the authorities responsible for train safety to once again shut down the train traffic through this area. The farthest south that I could travel on the train is the exact station that I would depart from.

So, I went north.

With my camera in hand and camera pack on my back I got off the train in downtown Los Angeles and began wandering the streets. I made several photographs, and these are my two favorites from this day.

The Disney Concert Hall is one of the most interesting buildings I have ever seen. I just love the unexpected lines, curves and edges of its design. I also like how the light reflects differently and the shadows change throughout the day.

After making these photographs I was getting hungry and was craving Mexican food, so I headed into Chinatown for lunch. Yes, Mexican food in Chinatown. How crazy is that! But I wanted to try a new place I recently read about. The Angry Egret dinette. Good call. The food was very good. A couple of fish tacos and an ice-cold beer later and I was ready to head home.

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