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Morning Moon - Death Valley

I am starting to consider and research the possibilities for this year's major photography adventures and was searching through my archives of previous years trips looking for ideas or maybe even stumble across something magical that stimulates a thought or a dream that may point me towards something new and exciting to put on this year's agenda.

In doing so, I found this unprocessed image from my trip to Death Valley in 2014. I must have saved it to process on another day - and as it turns out - today is that another day.

I had been keeping my eye on the moon throughout the morning while searching for ways to incorporate it into a composition or two. Driving around at a very slow pace on a almost deserted road exploring the unusual terrain several miles above Bad Water I came upon the possibility for this scene. I attempted three other compositions, hiked about 15 minutes from my SUV and climbed about 100 feet up the side of an almost barren ridge in order to create this image. I made this image around mid-morning and it is my attempt to show the extremes of high/low and near/far that are often experienced in this rather dramatic National Park. Having the moon to work with was just a bonus, but I think it significantly impacts this composition.

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