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An Autumn Morning, South Fork Bishop Creek

South Fork Bishop Creek_Horizontal

2018 Fall Colors Photoshoot - Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, California

In between rain events. My camera and I both enjoyed getting out of our rain gear for a little while at least.

This location is not hard to get to, but it can be passed by without a glance if you are not paying attention or are in a hurry to get somewhere else. I had a few things working in my favor on this day. 1) It was a weekday. That alone reduces the leaf-peeper traffic significantly. 2) It was still relatively early in the day. Only the very serious leaf-peepers are out and about on this mountain before 9AM. 3) The weather. On this day the weather was VERY active. Mostly rain, but I did experience snow flurries, hail and some dramatic cloud activity which at times reduced visibility to nearly zero. Which is not a good thing on wet slippery mountain roads with extremely steep drop-offs and no guard rails in some places. 4) I have made photographs here several times in the past. Therefore, I anticipated my approach and the possibilities.

I took advantage of all of those factors and cruised along at a pace even slower that my normal slow looking for photographs pace. On this morning I was fortunate enough to have this spot all to myself. I spent a good thirty minutes at this location. Savoring the scenery, the coffee and the freedom from my rain gear all the while working out several different compositions. These are a couple of my favorites from this spot. I really like the softly diffused even lighting, the lack of harsh shadows and relatively calm conditions. I felt so at peace here and that is what I was trying to convey with these photographs.

South Fork Bishop Creek_Vertical

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