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Early Morning Wanders Along The Edge of California

Another early morning alarm on what was a foggy, damp and calm morning. I turned my headlamp off as I cautiously worked my way south along a favorite section of the Southern California coast. After 20 minutes of purposeful walking on hard-packed damp sand that was just out of the reach of the lowering tide I now found myself sitting on pristine powdery sand less than three feet above sea level enjoying a cup of strong black coffee with my frequent companion, the predawn darkness. The familiar and distinct salty-seaweed scent hung heavy in the mornings still air. I savored every sip of my coffee while watching all of the details of my surroundings become more apparent as every molecule of darkness gave way to its reciprocal. There were three distinguishable sounds. First, the mellow folding surge of the pacific as it stealthily came ashore, followed by an almost hypnotic brief moment of pure silence that screamed for my attention, which was quickly replaced by a soft hissing gurgle as the frigid waters made their retreat.

Slowly, my new day came alive. What was just minutes before an inky black featureless void now held detail, pattern, and soft light, all of which drew my attention. My coffee mug was empty. The tide was low and lazy. The ocean, as always, in constant motion. From my vantage point I appreciated the peacefulness of the morning while slowly scanning the placid seascape looking for hints of a photograph. A photograph that would help tell the story of this mornings explorations and convey the feelings of yet another morning wandering along the edge of California.

This is my creation. [150mm, 30 sec., f16, 6-stop ND Filter]

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