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Autumn Afternoon, Lakeside

Gull Lake, Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, California

Like most mornings on my Fall Colors Photoshoots, I started off this morning with what has become a constant companion of mine, the early morning darkness. I must admit that I wasn’t prepared for how cold it was and had to turn around in order to add another top layer, a warmer hat and grab a couple chemical hand warmers.

I spent most of the morning wandering around June Lake making a variety of different photographs. Around 7 am I watched a couple of deer walk out of the forest on their way down to the lake for their morning drink. That was special!

Now, at Gull Lake under a one hundred percent boring cloudless sky and a slight, but chilly breeze I was standing less than ten feet from the water's edge savoring a hot cup of strong black coffee. This was my view.

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