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When I’m out photographing landscapes, water always gets my attention. Especially flowing water. Another thing I really enjoy doing with my photography is picking out the intimate details of a scene (the picture within the picture) and turning that into my main subject.

There are many ways to photograph water. You can freeze it, slow it down a little, slow it down a lot, or you can go crazy and go completely abstract. It just depends on what you are trying to convey with your photograph.

I made this photograph last spring along one of my favorite eastern Sierra creeks. Every map that I have reviewed of this area has it labeled as a creek. That makes it the largest creek that I have ever seen. I always feel that it is mis-named or mis-classified. In my opinion it should be at least a stream, but it could easily hold its own in a battle over river naming rights.

Anyway, the name is not as important as the beautiful details are, and this creek is loaded with them. On this spring morning I was in the canyon early hiking upstream. I stopped at the bottom of a fifty-foot-long rocky run. It was still shady and cool. I was happy with the light, the flow volume and its peaceful song. I was at peace and looking for photographs.

These two rocks caught my attention (they are a very small part of the overall scene.) I walked several more feet upstream until I stood just below them. I zoomed in tight on the two rocks. I really liked how the water was overflowing the front rock, so I repositioned my tripod in order to enhance that perspective. Now I knew I was on to something! Something special!! I adjusted my zoom until I had a composition that I liked. Then, I stepped away from my camera and studied the scene trying to decide just what I wanted to say with this photograph. I decided that I wanted to create something soft, peaceful and obvious (as opposed to abstract.)

This is my result. I think this photograph has a bit of a romantic look and feel (i get funny that way sometimes.) I named it “Caress” because of the way the water seems to gently caress the front rock as it flows over it.

Camera Settings:

f13 1.2 seconds ISO 100

If you like photographs like this, I have a Gallery on my website titled Natures Abstracts which is dedicated to the beautiful details of our natural world. Check it out. Here’s the LINK.

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