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Fern Spring

Yosemite Valley.

It was a spring morning. Dense gray clouds hung low in the sky. Rain was coming and few people were out. I took advantage and visited some of the more popular locations in Yosemite Valley that always get crowded.

I was working my way up to Tunnel View after making a few photographs near Yosemite Falls. As I rounded the bend in the now wet road the small parking area at Fern Spring came into view and to my surprise it was empty. Out loud I said “yes please” as I rolled all the way forward and came to a stop leaving room for other vehicles behind me.

With 100% cloud coverage and a very light rain falling I loved the light and the overall mood that lingered. This is a small place with not a lot of room to move around and when it gets crowded, making photographs here can test your patience (if you know what I mean.) I enjoyed being the only person here. It gave me the freedom to move around and create a composition that I have been wanting to do for a while now and today the light was exactly what I have been waiting for. I took my time setting up while enjoying the pleasant sound created by the gently flowing water of the spring and the perfume of the wet conifer forest.


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