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Impressionistic Reflections

For me, there is nothing more rejuvenating than a good early morning wander in Yosemite Valley.

The Valley is such a magical place. There is so much to see and experience in the Valley. From playful Douglas Squirrels, or the stealth approach of a lone coyote, to the thundering cascades of spring waterfalls. There is something for everyone to appreciate.

More often than not, when you're in the Valley you spend a lot of time looking up. Ironically, this photograph was conceived and created by looking down.

It was a little after 8AM on a damp and chilly spring morning. I decided to avoid some of the more popular areas and instead hike out into a little quiet seclusion and see what I could find.

Here, lingering in the shadows I found this scene. It is the reflection of El Capitan and some shoreline trees in a calm section of the Merced River. I thought it had an impressionistic look and feel.

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