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Mean Mother Nature

Morning at the Twin Lakes Spillway

(Mammoth Lakes, CA)

A thin layer of ice lined the edge of the lake. My frosty breath seemed to linger a little longer than I would normally expect. The air was completely still and was possessed by an evil icy coldness that assaulted every bit of my exposed skin. My hands (especially my fingers) were nearly frozen. If this was a survival situation, I would have not been able to light a match to start a fire. It required significant effort for me to work the dials and buttons on my camera. I can't remember ever being that cold.

All things considered; it was too pretty of a morning to allow the bitter coldness the satisfaction of sending me packing. So, I stuck it out and framed up this shot while bouncing up and down on my feet and rotating my hands in and out of my down jacket pockets until I had everything the way I wanted.

Less than a minute after releasing the shutter I was back in my SUV with the heater on full blast, pouring the second cup of hot black coffee of my day and smiling from ear to ear. Take that mean mother nature!

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