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Nice Surprise

I came here with intensions of photographing a completely different set of subjects which are about 90 degrees to the left of this fantastic autumn scene.

I made the short drive from the cabin that I was renting, parked and exited my SUV while the blackness of night still lingered. The air was completely still and cold enough to freeze the water along the edge of the lake.

Time seems to pass a little slower in the wee hours of the morning. Night slowly turned to dawn. Dawn gave way to morning, and morning transitioned into the blue hour which I was currently enjoying.

I finished photographing my intended subjects. Now my attention was 100 percent focused on this autumn scene that less than an hour ago was just a bunch of boring bushes and trees along the lake. It’s amazing what peak autumn color and amazing light can do!

This is actually a pretty chaotic scene, and it took several attempts before I was able to work out a composition that I was happy with. I wanted to showcase the vivid autumn colors, gentle textures, graphic details of the tree trunks and barren branches, while the completely still lake water provided sharp mirror like reflections which doubled the impact.

This was a nice surprise!

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