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Thermal Dynamics

I made this photograph on my lunch hour back when I was still actively participating in the Rat Race.

Just prior to the arrival of the pandemic, when most of us still made an honest effort to go into the office I was already beginning to entertain thoughts of life after I finished the race. So, whenever possible (as part of my self-prescribed therapy) I was now bringing a camera to work with me and taking lunch-hour photo excursions.

On this day, I took a later than normal lunch (because I still cared enough that I gave my work a higher priority than my play.) I made the short drive over to the San Joaquin Wildlife Refuge (which is less than a 10-minute drive from my office.) It was a pleasant afternoon and it felt good to be out from behind my desk in the fresh salty air.

I made a few photographs while walking just over a mile. I spotted this scene on my way back to where I left my vehicle.

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