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Spring Returns

Recently our earth’s orbit passed the point we call the Spring Equinox (equinox is Latin for "equal night") and after a long-wet winter that included 31 atmospheric river events along the west coast of the United States, 13 of which took a direct hit on Southern California where I currently call home. Now, I am glad to declare; Spring has finally arrived!

Although autumn is my favorite season, I do adore spring. To me spring is about transition, renewal, growth and song with a wonderful explosion of color mixed in. Trees bud, flowers bloom, birds sing happy songs and butterflies return from their journeys afar. Passing showers, the perfume of flowers with warmer and lengthening days. For all these reasons and more, spring is a fun time of year to be a photographer. There is subject matter almost everywhere you look!

Spring Flowers

The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, CA.

Hummingbird and Cherry Blossoms_0993

Huntington Beach Central Park.

Spring Light

Spring-Time morning light on a small creek in Californias Eastern Sierra.

Hanging Out

A Monarch Butterfly feeding on flower petals at the San Joaquin Wildlife Refuge, Irvine, CA.

Lifes Simple Pleasures

Getting creative and using unexpected angles is a fun way to showcase some of the best-found treasures of spring.

Hummingbird and Cherry Blossoms_1993

If you're looking for a good springtime challange - try photographing Hummingbirds. IT AIN'T EASY! But, it;s fun and very rewarding if you get some good shots.

Park Bench and Flowers

I'm always looking for different and interesting ways to photograph my subjects and tell my stories. Here I used a wooden park bench as a frame for my main subject the flowers.

Pretty Yellow Flower

I liked the contrast between the yellow ranunculus flower and the powder blue sky, so I got down low in order to make this photograph.

Merced River, Spring Flow

Spring in Yosemite is a spiritual experience that you should do at least once in your life. Here I used a long exposure in order to enhance the flow of the fast-moving river.

Swallowtail Butterfly on a Flower

Shipleys Nature Center, Huntington Beach, CA. Sometimes I just get lucky!

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